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Sunday, November 13, 2005

as I am trying to finish up a paper...and so desperatly suffering with my ADD that I must do every conceivable distracting, procrastinating thing I can, in order to finally buckle down and type up those last irritating points. the funny part is I am not doing this all at the last second like I used too. and it's only 6:30's kind of funny. still, I feel shitty. I want to do halfway decent in this program. Oh, essay writing, the most hideous form of torture I can imagine, except for maybe playing volleyball. I even went so far tonight, as to forgo attending Curse of the Were Rabbit with colin....he really wanted to go, and I dicked around all afternoon so I knew if I went, I would be working on the thing at 10 tonight when my brain expires, that I am old and boring I can't work on intelligent tasks late into the night. so, colin went to see the movie by himself, and I'm here with my words and my random tasks...but at least I get to control the stereo and the telly. (the stereo is quiet and leonard cohen, the telly is least, it's off right now,,...bwahhahahah!!! Full House reruns, here I come!!!). I bought a jump drive today too....or at least, my dad bought one for me.

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