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Sunday, January 27, 2013

One Mans Trash......

Hey fanbase!   I made a new comic!  My return to the world of corrupting youth has blessed me with fodder and abundant free time.  This comic is actually about something that happened years ago that I've always wanted to draw.  All names have been changed, but the event happened exactly like this.  it's comic gold, I tell ya. 

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Ye olde recap

I have been an insufferable grump this winter, and i thought maybe it would give me some perspective to recap my year. Pretty sure everyone else's year was just as "eye opening" and "incredible".

January 2012:
I started the year like many others waking up on a cold tile bathroom floor with a throbbing welt on my face. Oh yeah, I also pissed myself. I had passed out and smashed my face on the toilet paper roll holder, after what I thought was a pretty restrained and responsible New Years. Coming home I even undressed, brushed my teeth And drank water before bed. Even though that was a horrible morning I thought the whole thing was pretty hilarious, although now I look back and realize I could have cracked my skull and died pretty easily. It's a good thing I landed on my face.
Also I bought a new iPod touch

Back to work teaching part time high school art with Swey, one of my favorite people. The kids are loud, crazy, funny and the adventures continue.

32 birthday, I celebrate by shooting a pump action shotgun. Funnn. Then Swey and I drive a rented "David" Suzuki to Portland for a weekend trip. I buy many things. Atli and I get matching Javelina tattoos.

The house we've lived in for over 5 years goes on the market again, life is in upheaval. Atli announces moving to Hawaii indefinitely. We have three of the most hilarious and satisfying yard sales and sell all her worldly possessions and many of mine. I consider being a crazy yard sale lady. I renew my passport and discover its actually Atli's passport I have, mere hours before she's due to fly to Honolulu, action movie like tension ensues. She gets there okay.

House hunting. We are gentrified out of Kitsalano and its yoga moms, and move to the hippy pinko commie lefty cool dad world of Commercial drive, into a virtually identical to our old place, dumpy upstairs of a falling apart 100 year old house. I jog the first avenue viaduct instead of the beach. We hang out in Crab Park and eat in Chinatown.

I start out our new life on the drive by rear ending a semi-truck in a traffic jam and my beloved shitty 1998 VW golf, Friday, comes to the end of her time with me.
I begin driving my dad's all black, leathery monster V6 VW GTI around. It's as dark as sin inside it, I name it Darth Vader.
late June I went to visit Atli on Oahu's north shore for 10 days. We do the things we always do. Bike ride, drink coffee, swim and talk. I enjoy eating raw crabs, mangos and my hostel, and also getting the worst sunburn of my life.

Prepping for being a Bridesmaid in Christine and Travises wedding, and preparing for trip to Europe. The wedding was perfect, then The night of the wedding I shit myself in my 200$ jcrew dress, then I'm sick all night. 48hours later I am in europe, still weak and shit myself in the car driving from frankfurt to switzerland with my parents and aunt and uncle. Then again at my aunts house.

Whole month in Europe, we road trip the whole thing. we hike the alps, I draw, I slip and fall into the Grand Canal in Venice. I see zurich, I see the Louvre in paris, And a French girl knew what my "flaneuse" tattoo meant. I watch "the Italian job" on the flight home.

I am substitute teaching again.
I almost spontaneously buy a new VW, a grey v5 standard Golf named Sprinkles. and get my first car payment ever. I finish the drawings from my trip, that's about it.

Colin's sister comes to visit from New York, we carve pumpkins.   I drive to Cambell River on the island in my new car, it goes very fast.  Eleanor goes home and dad comes to finish up Colin's giant ATAT sculpture. I do absolutely nothing for Halloween. I draw inktober drawings.

Colin shows his work in the East side culture crawl. I finish my travel journal comic and show in Canzine West.
Sweatpants, my antique and beloved guinea pig, dies in my arms at the ripe old age of 6.

I teach a lot. I work at Benny's a lot. Andria comes back from Hawaii and starts working at Benny's too. I do an oil painting of my dads villiage in Italy. I drive in a snowstorm. I read at Wolf Mountain poetry reading.

Looking back it feels like I just got here, I guess it was a pretty busy year for me, and a mostly happy one. I supposed the worst thing was sweatpants dying, which was sad but in the grand scheme of things not so bad. The one thing is my life is pretty much identical to how it was last year. Even my new apartment is so similar. I would like to be able to do something radical, like move into a warehouse, or join an NGO, or bike ride to Dallas. I think I'm going to start by just drawing more.