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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hawaii Drawrins!

Hello fans!
It's been a while, Colin and I uprooted our atrophied pile of hoardings from our apartment of 7 years and moved all our precious crap to a new apartment across town, then I went to visit my pal Andria in hawaii!  In a mere 6 days, I will be travelling through Europe with my parents for over a month (!) and hopefully will do some nice drawings while i'm there.  My history with drawing on the road is spotty, this recent trip to hawaii I did some of my most diligent road drawings, I think because there was a lot of sitting around.  Usually I am too busy or tired to do much except make some notes and doodles to finish at home.  I can't really draw in a moving vehicle, and most of the time when you're travelling you're doing stuff all day and visiting.  The experience was super relaxing, as vacations are supposed to be.  Andria and I rode bikes, sat around, drank coffee, sat around, went swimming and rode bikes.  did I mention bikes?  Oh yea, we went to Target.  I love Target.   Andria has been living in Pupukea, on the north shore of Oahu, so there's not much out there but lots of colour, literally and metaphorically. 
I bought a little watercolour set to be all Victorian style on my trip to Europe, and I brought it with me and road-tested it in hawaii.  The paper in the fancy moleskine book I bought is kinda waxy and I was dissapointed that the watercolours kinda bead up, but if you erase the paper and kind of let the paint soak it a bit, then it starts to work, but still not great..  poop.  I have a pack of 5x7 watercolour paper I might bring along to europe and use that insteaders.