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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

picture....where are you
Ah, rain. I am so glad it's fall. I love fall. I love layering clothes, I love being inside when it's raining out and I also love being outside in the rain, under my own terms of course, like, " it's raining so hard, I think i'll go for a walk in my boots and rain coat". I think it's being raised in vancouver, where it tends to rain from october to april. It occured to me the other day, summer is essentially only 2 months long, well, june too....but summer is really short, it's like we have four seasons here, but fall kind of stretches into winter which is exactly like fall only colder on adverage, and then spring is like fall again but warming, so there's the damp season, then there's hot for two months, then it dampens again into damp. two seasons, the rising and falling damp, and then hot. I worry about the global warming affecting our dampness. I feel like I can't think straight if it's not raining. during the two weeks of sun I get really sketchy, I feel claustraphobic. like the sky is bearing down on me. then it rains again and I'm all activated like a sea monkey. PLus, during the season of damp, the fashion options are so the summer there's only shorts or skirt, or horrible "sun dress" *shuddder* when my family went to europe a couple years ago during the heat wave, my aunts brought me sundresses from their collections, and from the thrift stores, and I was mortified by the shapeless cuts, the busy "tropical prints" the semi-fetishistic "african batik" patterns. The gunny sack shifts hung on me like circus tents. I cut some into drawstring a-line skirts, which were really good to wear in the 40 degrees, but no thanks on the sundress. I mean, you can make a cool sundress somehow, I think. ....I wore skirts and t-shirts every day pretty much. now in winter you can pile on the accsessory sweaters. my professor for Bed is asking us to dress up in different ways each day, because he's thinking of doing his dissertation on the messages in clothes. Tommorow we are supposed to dress how we think a teacher dreessses...I'm so amused by this...I'm going to dress like a stereotypical school marm I think...I keep joking to my friends that that's how I am going to dress when I am a teacher. .....hmmm.... I just noticed colin rearranged the book shelves...very nice.