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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

work work work work work

so I have a goal to finish one whole essay tonight so I can start, and complete the other essay ( the not so hard one) tommorow night. they are both due on friday. then I can start to think about the unit plan I also have to do for next week. Im thinking anime....a whole unit based on anime and manga, and I could get colin to come in and teach the kids animation.....we could make zotropes of inuyasha or somthing. my ubc group has often complained that that's all the kids are drawing these days is anime,...even when they're doing something like life drawing. I should tell them stories about back in the day in the 1980s when only total social reject geeks liked anime. I remember when I was between the ages of 8 and 10 my geeky bro and his ubergeek pal watched AKIRA in our livingroom late at night...I watched it with them and it freakin' scared me to death, when tetsuo expaned into that lumpy organ baby thing...*shudder*. they were hip, akira is like, ...the consumate anime. I wish I could show it in the show some quality shit. maybe I could just bring in clippings from my collection of akira books. not the real books...I have 6 and they were 50-80 dollarrs apeice. I iwish I had ten seconds to clean my floors instead of wasting time doing this.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

as I am trying to finish up a paper...and so desperatly suffering with my ADD that I must do every conceivable distracting, procrastinating thing I can, in order to finally buckle down and type up those last irritating points. the funny part is I am not doing this all at the last second like I used too. and it's only 6:30's kind of funny. still, I feel shitty. I want to do halfway decent in this program. Oh, essay writing, the most hideous form of torture I can imagine, except for maybe playing volleyball. I even went so far tonight, as to forgo attending Curse of the Were Rabbit with colin....he really wanted to go, and I dicked around all afternoon so I knew if I went, I would be working on the thing at 10 tonight when my brain expires, that I am old and boring I can't work on intelligent tasks late into the night. so, colin went to see the movie by himself, and I'm here with my words and my random tasks...but at least I get to control the stereo and the telly. (the stereo is quiet and leonard cohen, the telly is least, it's off right now,,...bwahhahahah!!! Full House reruns, here I come!!!). I bought a jump drive today too....or at least, my dad bought one for me.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I am a student teacher. I am a student teacher. what can I say? everyone says the same sort of things as far as tips...and they are all true. Its only been two days...after the first day I wept on the couch then passed out for an felt much better, I had some kind of new found bravery....adn I am exited to wear all my lovely outfits. my dull lifeless teacher wear.
I haven't actually taught any classes yet, thats next week...there's a lot of beuocracy and a lot of checks and balances, and a whole lot of feeling like evertyone is sttaring you down and analysing your every ttiny gesture. there's no room for personalities there. you have to take your personality and teach it to behave just like you'd teacha a student how to act.