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Monday, April 27, 2009

I just got word that The Green Mountain Music Festival will be happening again this year! I was assuming that James wouldn't be able to organize the show this year since he has only been back on his feet for about a month now. I talked to James on the phone this morning, and he said that the team made such incredible strides last year, all the logistical details seem to just be falling into place by themselves. It's James'es nature to want to do everything himself, but obviously he can't since he's still recovering from his brain injury. I learned a LOT last year about taking initiatives and being responsible, and just plain learning how to use photoshop. I am much much better at photoshop now, and I think my logistics are going to fall into place as well.
as far as artistically, I think I might use a bear for this years theme....that or something like a baby bird, or some other kind of bird, to use a heavy handed metaphor for Mike Gurr. James says that this years show will be the final show for The Hotel Lobbyists, then they will retire the name and reform as a new band. I'd like to use some kind of metaphors for that in this years poster, without using something obvious like a stupid Phoenix.
Green Mountain Music Festival!
August 8th, 2009
Nanaimo, BC

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tonight is the night I spend my hundred-dollar ticket to see Leonard Cohen! apparently he is still a great performer, even in his seventies. The other big-ticket item I mention in this comic, the David Byrne concert, was excellent, so hopefully this show will also be good. I can understand why these guys are so famous, because they are spectacularly carismatic performers. About 5 years ago, I got to see David Bowie at GM place, and I swear it was like he was singing directly to me, way up in the nosebleeds. That show was also worth the price of admission.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This comic is from back in January, I was backlogged a bit because of my 10 pages of useless hourly comics...which I will NOT be doing (to such an extent) again. As far as this comic goes, this winter was especially harsh. We had several huge dumps of snow that reeked havok on the town. My strategy for dealing with my 40 km commute was to drive to my parents house the night before work so I would only have to drive through one city as opposed to three. This particular night, I started driving in the middle of a huge snow storm, I probably would have been better off driving that morning.

in other news, April 5th I went down to Seattle to the Emerald city comicon. I was only a spectator but it was a spectacle. I got to meet my favorite comic artist, Jaime (Xaime) Hernandez of Love and Rockets fame. I showed him my comics. He was very nice. nothing spectacular happened at this spectacle, but it was just really nice. like home.