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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

cover art and a jogging mix.

So I've spent the last 3 days cloistered in my office working on layouts and printing up the AMAZING FULL COLOUR 50 PAGE EPIC called "Avanti"  which means, "lets go" in Italian.  For any of you that were privvy to my sketchbook and saw the drawings in real life, there's a couple pages of writing that you've never seen, plus one exciting extra page that I added after the fact, because in order to make the signature work it needed to be there!  Excitement!  Try and guess which page it was. 
I also bought myself a fantastic chocolate brown coloured HP printer, and I'm experimenting with printing the book myself since colour prints are expensive.  So far, the quality is better than I would get at a print shop, but it takes a fair chunk of time.  I've been sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours a day for three days.  I hope I never have the misfortune of an office job, because my back and hips are burning.  Today at work I stood around as much as I could because sitting at my desk was agony, fortunately the kids were really annoying so I got to run around a lot yelling.  When I got home I went for a 5km run and the endorphin rush was fan-freaking-tastic. 
So, here's what the cover of the new book looks like:
also if you're interested, here's my No-Fail jogging mix:

1. Who Was In My Room Last Night?- Butthole Surfers - you have to listen to this track first, the rest the order isn't so important. 
2.Party Up (Up in Here) - DMX
3.Bamboo Banga -MIA
4. Love Lockdown- Kanye West
5.A-Punk- Vampire Weekend
6.Ace Of Spades- Motorhead
7. Run To the Hills -Iron Maiden
8. Single Ladies- Beyonce
9. E-Pro -Beck
10. Lust for Life- Iggy Pop. 

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