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Sunday, November 29, 2009

So, I've finally managed to assemble the last couple of comic pages that I've been posting into a mini-comic collection called Dear Diaryahh 3. If you are one of my loyal follower(s), you might remember my first mini comic, which I assembled pretty much this same time last year. That mini comic was called Dear Diaryahh. What happened to Dear Diaryahh 2? you may ask. Well, I began editing the comic strips that follow Dear Diaryahh, but got side tracked with how awesome I though some of these longer comics I've been drawing have been, and one thing lead to another. so anyway, this contains a few strips that would have been in Dear Diaryahh 2, so they will be cronological....except for a few things....anyway, whatever. I will reissue them all in a new, remastered unabridged graphic novel format when I am famous. Here is the title page of Dear Diaryahh 3, AND 2, for your viewing pleasure.

If you find yourself admiring the beutiful perspective, they are all traced off photos...all three title pages...oh, and colin drew the first two. So there.

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