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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hello, gentle reader(s)

The month of October has been kind of wacky, art-wise. My trusty laptop, which is three years old (about 90 in computer years) got some kind of computer swine flu and wouldn't even boot up. At this time my Dad, who is my computer guru, had just gone to Montreal for a week or so. I was still working on the CD art for Shiloh Lindsey, so I prepared to start scanning it onto Colin's PC. While over on his computer I decided to update his versions of Adobe, and then plugged in the scanner, which knocked out the internet. This happened before, all I had to do was restart the computer... which then revealed some other kind of computer swine flu.


So there I was with two defunct expensive paper weights. I need to use the internet to check on stuff for work, and Colin and I need to keep in touch with "clients", so this was kind of bad. Miraculously, a mysterious free wireless signal had been creeping into our place, which would only work if the apartment door was open. I could still access the internet with my iTouch, which was kind of novel.

I decided to change gears and focus on Halloween, my personal Christmas. I spent the week sewing and paper mache-ing. After Halloween my returned Dad managed with great focus to recover all my data and lo, there she was, the finished, unpublished page 6 of my epic Rock Show comic, mistakenly labeled as page 7...

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