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Monday, January 07, 2008

So, dear readers, I've been away on Christmas vacation, exploring the big city of New York. I came back feeling inspired and cowed by the craziness. I was also intimidated by the fact that any drawing I do would have to have tonnes of Katsuhiro Otomo style buildings in it....every vista looked like a panel out of pre-disaster Akira comics. Here is the comic from just before we left....I know it says NOV in the corner with no date, and part of the events happenend in mid november, but the real date for this should be DEC 6th!

And here is the first comic I finished about our Christmas in NYC. Mostly we did anecdotal little doodles and such. This comic started with me drawing colin , (bottom left) wearing this hairband I bought in union sqare. it was olive green and matched his sweater, but it had pink bunnies on it. he wore it all day long, out in public, for a couple of days. I said it was his new york baddass look. After I drew him, he drew me wearing these fake Tom cruise ray ban sunglasses I bought. I don't smoke, by the way, it's just for looks, so stop freaking out. We finished it off with Colin's sister Eleanor, just loooking baddass, since she's always a NYC baddass. Eleanor suggested we add their mom looking really nervous, so Colin drew Evelyn in the background and the city scape behind us. she wore this red outfit every day so we could find her in a crowd. There you go, two comics, you slathering Jackals!!

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