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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

For some reason one can't enlarge the comics in my last posting....curious, because I did nothing different. I will re-post them and see what happens.

here's two more comics. In the one with the giant colourful balloon heads, I was playing with some watercolour pencils that were in an art room I was subbing. I don't think I like them, they didn't blend very well. I suppose you're supposed to see the pencil marks for the "artsy effect". Anyway, I doodled on the page to wrest it from the flames, I guess. it's inspired by this little house on Grovesner road that colin and I did a drive by of...( drive by seems the wrong word) well we new it was for rent, and checked it out. even though the neighborhood is seems ideal to have a half acre lot with a cracky garage and a cracky empty lot next door. good ole cracky shack. some day you will be mine.

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