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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

So I may end up buying myself one of these in a couple of months..... a 72 Volkswagen fastback. It's my old roomie Travis'es car....or more like, a car he bought 3 years ago that I have been envious of since then. It's been living at Captain frank's house since then. Now travis has his third broken bone and no money. The other day I asked about the car as I saw it lovingly resting between the GMC flatbed pickup and the Judy the sailboat in franks yard, and frank told me I should buy her. I think i'll call her Olga. or Ingrid. or maybe it's a boy, and His name is Holgar. my brother gave her the once over today, and said it was in exellent condition, exept that he wouldn't trust it as far as he could throw it until we can take her for a test drive. I have always a classic car, I can't associate myself wwiht new cars, I don't like em. I mean, SHe's going to be a pain in the butt, but what a sexy pain. oh sexy little classic car, I will be the hippest hipster in hipsterville vancouver with this number. and the hippest hippy with my hippymobile hipping it to hip events in the Downtown east side so skidders can steal my cool VW hubcaps.

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