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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mixing Genres

I've been hanging out with Davin in the park again, this time recording the ambiant sounds for his music projects.  Just for the record, he's not a goth any more...more of a recovering goth.  As he said himself: "there's no Cure for my Robert Smith disease," 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Music to my dudes

Remember this doodle I posted way back in 2006?  
I drunkely scrawled it as a birthday card for Steve Beddell on his 24th birthday rock show at the Arts Club. 
Well, 8 years later, Steve and I are still pals, and he's got a fantastic solo project called Wooden Horseman, which you can check out at 

I saw him play a few times and was always blown away by this song called "Black Hair" about a weird girl he knew who climbed up a tree in the middle of the night, and fell out, only to avoid breaking her neck from the height by getting impaled on a branch.   I am going to assume she recovered.  
Last Friday night I spontaneously met up with Davin in Trout Lake park at 2am after a night shift at Benny's.   We climbed up a tree to about 30 feet up, which was exhilarating, but I was terrified Davin was going to fall out because he was total drunk!  
Sitting in the crook of the tree with the moonlight, and his black hair and black eyes, I though about people falling out of trees and I thought, "woah, this is just like Steve's song!"  

The next day I did this little painting 
The words to the song are:
Black hair on black eyes 
She looks away from the sunlight
Climb in her heart like a gold mine
Climbing a tree at midnight
Drawn to the crease 
that you folded in me.  

I think I might move the lyrics down to the bottom of the painting and build up some more layers.   Go buy the song on iTunes and support my pals, ok? 

Monday, April 07, 2014

New adventures in old adventures!

Hey fanbase!!

Remember 4 years ago I made this comic about breaking my finger and the subsequent related misadventures that happened with it?  And I didn't quite get along to the misadventures part?  Yeah, Since I finished my bike journal recently, I started drawing on that shizznit again.
So my lofty goal is to finish at least 22 more pages (I have about 5 done out of 22 so far), print up a trade paper back and sell it at APE con in San Francisco come October.  Bam.