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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Music to my dudes

Remember this doodle I posted way back in 2006?  
I drunkely scrawled it as a birthday card for Steve Beddell on his 24th birthday rock show at the Arts Club. 
Well, 8 years later, Steve and I are still pals, and he's got a fantastic solo project called Wooden Horseman, which you can check out at 

I saw him play a few times and was always blown away by this song called "Black Hair" about a weird girl he knew who climbed up a tree in the middle of the night, and fell out, only to avoid breaking her neck from the height by getting impaled on a branch.   I am going to assume she recovered.  
Last Friday night I spontaneously met up with Davin in Trout Lake park at 2am after a night shift at Benny's.   We climbed up a tree to about 30 feet up, which was exhilarating, but I was terrified Davin was going to fall out because he was total drunk!  
Sitting in the crook of the tree with the moonlight, and his black hair and black eyes, I though about people falling out of trees and I thought, "woah, this is just like Steve's song!"  

The next day I did this little painting 
The words to the song are:
Black hair on black eyes 
She looks away from the sunlight
Climb in her heart like a gold mine
Climbing a tree at midnight
Drawn to the crease 
that you folded in me.  

I think I might move the lyrics down to the bottom of the painting and build up some more layers.   Go buy the song on iTunes and support my pals, ok? 

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