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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Here's another page of THE FINGER PART 2 .......still thinking of a catchy name. any suggestions, digital fan base?

on a related note, I bought one of those Kindle e-readers, and I was using it's "experimental web browser"... I could use it to log into this blog, and even type stuff in this little text window, but not upload. I suppose it's because blogger uses pop-up windows. hmmm.

I've been teaching full time art at a really nice school for the past two months. I haven't had much time to draw during class since I actually have responsibilities besides supervision. Also, I no longer have a studio space and have been trying to work out of my apartment, but it's taking a while for me to work out the kinks in that arrangement. All the things I was worried about are all true: distracted by chores, boyfriend, other responsibilities and other activities. Pro's more spending money on burritos, no more radical changes in temperature, and no more extra expense. wee. I promptly spent the extra expence money on upgrading the Wacom tablet and a really distracting, really unnecessary Kindle.

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