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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This comic is from back in January, I was backlogged a bit because of my 10 pages of useless hourly comics...which I will NOT be doing (to such an extent) again. As far as this comic goes, this winter was especially harsh. We had several huge dumps of snow that reeked havok on the town. My strategy for dealing with my 40 km commute was to drive to my parents house the night before work so I would only have to drive through one city as opposed to three. This particular night, I started driving in the middle of a huge snow storm, I probably would have been better off driving that morning.

in other news, April 5th I went down to Seattle to the Emerald city comicon. I was only a spectator but it was a spectacle. I got to meet my favorite comic artist, Jaime (Xaime) Hernandez of Love and Rockets fame. I showed him my comics. He was very nice. nothing spectacular happened at this spectacle, but it was just really nice. like home.

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