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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I thought you might want to see the photo we traced to make the cover drawing. This is honestly what the top of my desk looks like most of the time, with various incarnations. Right before I got the idea for the cover, I had ironically cleaned off the top of my desk to help with the thinking process. I therefore had to cosmetically "mess up" my desk to it's regular state. The task was fairly simple: pull some sewing out of the pile, toss some overdue bills, sprinkle with bits of paper and pins and thread, and then decorate with empty beer cans and moldy tea mugs with festering tea bags dried to the bottoms. It's no wonder one of my idols is Francis Bacon. If I was computer smart I would make that into a link so you could click on it and see a picture of his uber messy art studio. I had a similar crush on this guy in art school who had the messiest studio space in the painting department. he literally kept a shovel that he would use to shovel the crap away from his painting area. I don't particularly LIKE having a really messy desk, but I like having all my stuff there where I can see it. Colin likes that as well, he wants all his stuff hanging on the wall out in the open, no cupboards on the doors or anything. Sometimes I get a little freaked out with all our stuff towering over us, threatening to topple and crush us.

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