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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well to everyones' delight, James Wood, singer/geetaurist of The Hotel Lobbyists, has been back home in Vancouver for almost a week, but still has a ways to go to being the dynamic fellow we know and love. I have been thinking a lot lately about back when we were in UBC education together. My little brother is now doing his first short practicum with UBC education, and the tension and stress and smelly BO problems are all fresh in my mind. The whole situation seemed so over my head back then (and still is) but James always seemed to have a pep talk or some empathy, without seeming holier than thou. He always seemed to be way more stressed out than me, but still inspirational and more in control? I always felt better after talking to him.

I thought it might be nice to re-publish this strip from right after UBC Edu, before I got hired with the Surrey school district. I was very, very nervous and stressed out about having to be a substitute teacher, and not having a job yet. I then had this crazy dream which was comically metaphorical, about having no choice but to kill TEENAGE zombies. I was totally out of my element, being the pacifist I am, and there was James, encouraging me along to kill some zombies. Next thing I knew, I was hired as a sub, and feeling a wee bit more confidant.

For some reason there isn't much sub work right now and I have had a lot of spare time to work on comics in my new studio space. I've begun a process of editing my juvenile quality control with magical Photoshop, so this is the new, improved cleaned up version.

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