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Thursday, July 28, 2005

So the hounds of kitsalano are howling away....I think it's the big gangsta dogs belonging to the old rockabilly couple that lives next door. what the heck are they doing to these dogs? speaking of noisy hounds, I survived my first fireworks night living in kitsalano. If you aren't from vancouver, every summer there's huge fireworks displays over the harbour twice a week for about a month...and every lowest common denominator date-raper from aldergrove comes in to make trouble in huge crowds, plus, pretty much everyone else goes. so it's generally a rampaging horde on the downtown beaches, and over here in the west side, a slightly less noxious crowd. fortunatly for me I had to work. Colin skipped town and went to cambie street to hang out with Brad, Mishka and the Cap'n. around 1200 after everyone had dissipated Colin and I went home, expecting the cro magnon guy that lives left of us to be blasting cypress hill and Faith no More on his stereo with all the windows and doors wide open, as usual, but the place was silent and black as my soul. actually, Dude ain't so bad. he's friends with the crazy old chinese lady that scrounges our bottles and cans...and his taste in music could be worse. I like faith no more...just not at 2 am.
Another neighbor of mine, blackie the cat from downstairs, came to our door as usual, and out of curiosity, I opened it just far enough so that Rosie/Casey could look at Blackie and exchange plesantries, but Blackie couldn't get it. rosie was all, "hey, man, what's up?" and blackie swiped at her with her paw. She was like, "this is my turf, you little slut!" this is perfectly normal. Colin was making a big deal about blackie pooing on our stairs yesterday, and I said, "come on, it's not like she was deliberatly trying to smote us,,.....oh, wait, she IS trying to do that," but technically I brought it upon us. she has every right to be pissed, and show her displesure in that catty way. with POo.

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