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Saturday, September 24, 2011

This is the next page that comes after the last page in my new comic, so it's not in the book, but I love it so I'm sharing.

Here's the cover for my latest endevor in comics!! This is not going to be a limited edition of 25 books (because one page is missing) and I am going to do a new edition of the Finger part 2 once I get enough pages together for it to stand alone.
What this book consists of is about 9 pages more of The Finger, and a 7 page long short comic about how colin and I found Jimmy the baby Seagull this summer! That's him on the cover! lil' cutie!
So come down to Word On The Street, at the main library downtown, this sunday from 10 to 6, and buy some comics from me and all my dorkus malorcus comic friends!
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