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Saturday, August 13, 2005

do these posts not have titles? or am I just not used to the infinity of this technological wonderment? Its a little bit of both. I have passed the buck on my wedding dress and therefore get to "chill" in my "crib" until seven when I have to go back to work and sling bagels and melty cheese to drunk jocks and sensitive lads until 3 am again. I thought I had innumberable stuffs to accomplish before my life is over aka going back to school. at least colin had the day off and we got stuff somewhat accomplished. last time he had a day off we almost "agreed to see other people"...eeh...don't want to talk about it. this time was good, we ate brecky then bought 150 bucks worth of "wenge" (sp) wood for my bro-bro's weddin' gift, a large chest to keep hopes and dreams in, made of ......holy fuck! it's like the cats can tell when I'm egnoring them...they keep climing up onto the expensive toys shelf. now they are obsessed with playing with the expensive frank kozik "smorkin' labbit" figures. disaster. so, yeah, baltic birch, the hot fashinable wood lately, and this Wengeh or however you spell it, rainforests must die for our italian catholic wedding. well, if it was a real italian wedding the gifts would only be money. I could make it match the cat with the bite out of it that I made for leslie's potholder shower gift. I'm still sick of this whole wedding. Paul's bachelor was last night, I went to the Aquarium with him and leslie and our cousin Sabrina, that afternoon. the aquarium was amazing, and I must again and again go. it beats a bachelorette any day...unless it was my bachelorette. oh wel. kittys on keyboards are bad. I wonder if anyone is reading this? so far this is one seriously lame blog.